How to add orders

[ Instagram Followers ]
URL Example :
Where USERNAME is your Instagram Username , the Profile MUST NOT BE PRIVATE! Order the order will not be fullfiled


-Acc should be public

- Always enter quantity in whole number (100,200,500 etc not likes 123,364 etc)

-Never enter same order on one links again (not here and not on other panels)

[ Instagram Likes ]

URL Example :
You can find your picture link by navigating to your Instagram Profile click over the picture and copy the URL

[ Youtube Views, Likes & Others ]
URL Example :

The video Must be Public 

[ Page Likes ]
URL Example :
Where your page is the Page URL
The Page must be Public!

Full link should be given for other fb orders make sure you give the link which starts like not

[ Twitter Followers ]
URL Example :
Where USERNAME is your Twitter Username
The Twitter Profile must be Public
[ Twitter Retweets & Favorites ]
URL Example :
The Twitter Profile must be Public 

SOUNDCLOUD [ Track Plays & Downloads ]

  1. URL Example :
    The Soundcloud Profile must be public and able to recieve views
Please dont order products on same links if previous order on same link was not completed 


Facebook Page Likes  0-72 hours start time(Gambling/Adult pages are not accepted)
Facebook Post/Picture Likes Instant/24h
Facebook Followers 0-48 hours start time
Instagram Likes/Followers/Comments/Views  Instant/24h
Instagram Comments 0-12 hours start time
Twitter Followers/Retweets/Favorites  Instant/24h
YouTube Views  10-24h(Youtube counters update every few hours)
YouTube Likes/Subscribers – 0-24 hours start time
Google+  0-72 hours
LinkedIn 0-72 hours
Pinterest Followers/Likes  Instant
Vine Followers/Likes/Revines/Loops/Comments Instant